Saturday, February 16, 2008

Popup Applets

Every implementation we aim to rollout a ‘vanilla’ solution. Everyone also understands the ongoing benefits of not over-customizing. We also understand that there are still situations that justify slight tweaks to the Siebel application…

In Siebel 7x it’s possible to launch a pop-up applet from a normal applet by using the ShowPopup method. You can also find the information in Bookshelf -> Configuring Siebel eBusiness Applications -> Configuring Special Purpose Applets -> Configuring Pop-Up Applets Launched from Applets.

In a jist

Add a control to your applet
Set the control Method Invoked to ShowPopup
Set the control User Property Popup to the name of your popup applet
The popup applet specified in the user property must use a class derived from CSSSWEFramePopup.
To see all possible classes select ‘Class’ in Tools Object Explorer and query for ‘Super Class’ = CSSSWEFramePopup: the standard class for a popup list applet is CSSSWEFrameListPopup. If you’re creating a new applet for your popup and you don’t expect edits in the popup, it’s simplest to configure your layout in ‘Base’ mode.

The popup applet can be based on any business component in currently active business object, and will appear in context. So you could launch a popup from the Contacts applet, for instance, and list all Items. Alternatively, you can base your popup on a VBC and display any random list of choices you desire. Because it’s all in context, capturing the user action and invoking a change on the launching business component is trivial.

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