Monday, September 3, 2007

Siebel Sample Questions

What are the new features available in Siebel 7.7 (Choose Two)

Uses IE back button to navigate previous pages
Uses Siebel back button to navigate previous pages
Uses Siebel history to show the history
Uses IE history button to show the history

Where can you find the remaining views in the view tab?

Using the screen links
From the right arrow button shown in the extreme right corner of view tab
Using view links
From the drop down menu shown in the extreme right corner of view tab

Which EVT syntax creates the HTML output the computer screen (Click exhibit button)

evt.exe –r d:\siebel..\evt.ini –o html –t web d:\siebel\evt\1233.htm
evt.exe –r d:\siebel..\evt.ini –o html
evt.exe –r d:\siebel..\evt.ini –o htmlfile
evt.exe –r d:\siebel..\evt.ini –t web

When upgrading a multilanguage deployment of Siebel applications to version 7.7.
For languages other than the base language for this deployment, what do you need to import?

Symbolic Strings
Locale-specific objects
String tabl
Multiple .srf files

Describes the Network Image Creator?
A utility that helps to avoid media swapping when installing Siebel software on multiple machines

Which controls are applicable only in the shuttle applet, and should appear only there?

Delete and Query
Find and Starting with
Available and Selected
Add, Remove, and Remove All

What new or enhanced feature of Siebel Tools shows applets in both design and preview modes?

Entity Relationship Designer
Customizable Object Explorer
Screen View Sequence Editor
Grid Layout Editor

What object definition will you need to change to implement multi lingual?

Control object definition
Symbolic String object definition
Control Locale object definition
Symbolic String Locale object definition

Which status icon shows Enterprise server running in the Server Management-- > Task view

No status icon

How so you submit the job at repeated intervals (Only one)

Create job template
Create job template, set the repeating intervals
Create a new job and select job template and set the repeating intervals
You can’t set

What will be the new password when your DBA reset the Password? You enterprise server name is Siebel


You are connected to the enterprise server FIRSTUNIVERSAL Siebel server. Your DBA reset your mobile client password. What is your new mobile client password?


How does the remote admin set the mobile client Authentication?

Create user id and password
Set the Authentication credential other than none
Use local credentials
Use remember credentials

Which report shows the user sync info at the given period of time?

Synchronization Session Report
Synchronization Frequency Report
Synchronization session
Mobile User Status Report

Where can you specify the condition for a Decision Step (choose one)

Double-click the connector of the Decision step.

What happens when a rule group is not specified for an assignment rule?

Rules are always assigned to a rule group since this is a required field.
A rule cannot be released unless a rule group is specified.
Assignment rules are automatically assigned to a rule group based on the server key mapping.
Rules that are not specifically assigned to a rule group are assigned to the Default rule group.

How does rule sequencing improve performance?

Rule sequencing evaluates only as many rules as needed to ensure that the object is assigned.

All workflows can be paused or suspended by users at run time.


All running workflows are displayed in the Workflow Instance Admin view


Authentication for synchronization is performed via the Security Adapter


Which routing model allows the user to designate a record for synchronization?

Mobile Client – Standard
Mobile Client - Extract Only
Selective Retrieval
Executive Management

What values must be set to enable Time-Based Filtering? (Choose two)

Dock Object
Cutoff Time

TrickleSync frequency can be set to: (Choose two)

System boot up
Siebel Server restart

What is the usage of MVG? in which situation you will use MVG?

MVG applet is used in a M:M relationship

What is the usage of EIM?
EIM is a server-based program that supports asynchronous integration with other corporate databases.
EIM manages the data exchange b/w external systems and siebel. EIM can be used to perform a bulk import, delete, export, merge.

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