Sunday, August 19, 2007

300,000 July 2007 Applications Reportedly Received

According to the New York Times, the USCIS received more than 300,000 applications. The report indicates that the agency has received about 300,000 applications July 1, accoridng to the USCIS sources, but at the time of the news media's contact yesterday, the USCIS was still receiving applications for employment visas. Consequently, the total tally of applications received in the last six weeks was yet to be made available.

Reportedly the USCIS was swamped by the applications it had already received, which was more than double the annual limit of 140,000 employment visas.

The number turns out to be somewhat lighter than this website anticipated, but considering the annual quota of 140,000, it will take number of years for these cases to leave the green card processing pipeline unless the Congress passes a legislation reforming the employment-based immigration system.

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